marți, 16 martie 2010

Inner demons.

Days passing by, trying to exorcise all my memories, and wishing i could oppress my feelings and my selfishness. 

I never thought we'd end up like this. I never thought you'd sell me for a penny. I always thought we deserved to share another end.

I miss your smile, I miss your lips, yet I try to remain stone-cold. I was never good at hiding what I feel. I always thought you'd love that cozy feeling, that warm sensation given by the fact that there's someone that would do anything to make you smile. I wanted to make you feel safe and confident. I always thought that was your biggest flaw.

All this bitterness in my soul, this void which used to be filled with hope. It hurts like hell.

I'm trying to be a better man.

They say people come and go, and that's the way life is meant to be. I wish you'll realise what you mean to me. I hope you'll find it in you to kill my inner demons..

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